Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (LEADER)

Minister of State Michael Ring TD launched the Leitrim Rural Development Leader Programme on Thursday 27th October 2016 which will provide grant aid of €4.5 Million over the next four years across the various sectors and to many groups businesses and communities.

Leitrim Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) will be responsible for the oversight and delivery of the Leader element of Ireland's Rural Development programme in Leitrim.

Leader funding is targeted at priority areas identified in the Local Development Strategies developed by local action groups (Leitrim LCDC) and evaluated by an independent evaluation committee. Projects can come from areas as diverse as enterprise development, rural tourism, social inclusion and the environment.

The Local Action Group for this programme in Leitrim is the Leitrim Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) , the Implementing Partner is Leitrim Development Company and the Financial Partner is Leitrim County Council. This partnership brings together a lot of expertise and know-how which will help to ensure that the rural development programme will make a difference to communities across Leitrim particularly in the priority areas identified in the Local development Strategy.

The Local Development Strategy is available for download on the link below:-

Leitrim Local Development Strategy

The Expression of Interest (EOI) process in Leitrim is also now open.

Expression of Interest forms and details are available on Leitrim Development Company website and you will need to click on the “categories of project:” to access the Expression of Interest form.

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