Introduction to Leitrim County Council's Arts Service

Leitrim County Council has long recognised the pivotal role the arts play in society and how the arts can play an increasingly central role in assisting local authorities to achieve their objectives.

Leitrim County Council, in a move towards integrated planning, has sought to support the development of artists and arts activities in order to achieve these objectives. These cover a wide range of work areas including community development initiatives that combat social exclusion, economic regeneration, and the creation of a quality social environment.

Leitrim County Council Arts Office provides information, advice and assistance to a wide range of clients. These include artists, arts groups, arts festivals and events organisers, venues, amateur and community arts groups, schools, organisations incorporating arts projects in non-arts settings, and other local and national public bodies. It develops and co-ordinates a number of programmes independently and in association with these partners. The Arts Office also develops policies in relation to various aspects of the arts. The Local Authority Arts Service assists communities to become involved in the arts both as participants and audiences, for children and young people to explore and engage with creative opportunities and to empower artists to fulfil their potential.  

You can find out about the various programmes in which the arts office is involved in the programmes tab to the left. You will also find information and application forms for all the grants and bursary schemes available through the arts office. In the links section you will find the websites of local arts organisations as well as links to national arts organisations that provide information and support to artists and arts organisations.


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