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Leitrim County Council Arts Office provides financial assistance to individual artists to further their development, and to organisations and festivals to support the provision of high-quality arts activities in the county through the schemes listed below. Further details and application forms for these are available through the links provided. Artists can also avail of opportunities through the many programmes which the arts office organises or works with, such as Creative Frame, Spark, Culture Night, Creative Ireland etc.  Further details of these programmes can be found in the relevant part of the programmes section of the website.

It is a condition of all awards that the support of Leitrim County Council should be evident in all publicity activities and material. Other relevant funding partners, such as Creative Ireland or The Arts Council, Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media etc., should also be included as appropriate.

A selection of the logos that may be relevant can be downloaded here below.

-LEITRIM COUNTY COUNCIL LOGO (on light backgrounds)
-LEITRIM COUNTY COUNCIL LOGO (on dark backgrounds)
-ARTS COUNCIL LOGO (on light backgrounds)
-ARTS COUNCIL LOGO (on dark backgrounds)

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Arts Venue Programme Support 2022

Subject to the availability of funding, Leitrim County Council offers financial assistance towards the costs of those elements of an arts venue’s programme that help achieve the objectives of Leitrim County Council’s Arts Strategy.

In particular these objectives are –

 1.To introduce audiences to new and innovative high-quality arts programming.
 2.To provide high-quality opportunities for children and young people to explore and develop their creativity.
 3.To contribute to the development of Leitrim’s established and emerging professional artists by providing them with opportunities to develop their practice and make new work.

In all circumstances, activities must demonstrate the following –

 -Quality and experience of artists engaged or service provided.
 -Good planning.
 -Clear aims and objectives.
 -A need for the activity.
 -A need for support.
 -Overall value for money, with sound budgeting and efforts to raise income from other sources.
 -Sufficient capacity to manage the programme.

The arts are defined as any creative or interpretative expression (whether traditional or contemporary) in whatever form, and includes, in particular, visual arts, theatre, literature, music, dance, opera, circus, film and architecture, and includes any medium which is used for those purposes.

Assistance will be given only in respect of specific activities occurring or having occured in 2022. Grant aid will be made in two payments with 50% paid following approval on receipt of a correct invoice. Final 50% will be provided once the activities contained in the application have taken place and only after a certified statement of income and expenditure and project report has been received.

Organisations conducting or hosting arts events/activities which involve children or young people under 18 years of age must have a Child Protection Policy that adheres to current guidelines and legislation, a copy of which must accompany this application.

Recipients of grant aid must acknowledge the sponsorship role of Leitrim County Council by including the Leitrim County Council arts funding logo on all websites, brochures, posters and programmes. Failure to acknowledge the council’s sponsorship role may result in the withdrawal of any grant offer.

The Closing Date for receipt of applications is Midnight 30th April 2022.

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