Artist in Schools Scheme

While the participating artists and schools for the 2019 and 2020 Artist-in-Schools programme have been selected, the guidelines and application forms for the programme can be accessed below for reference.

The Artists in Schools Scheme funds an artist to work in a Leitrim primary school for 10 hrs development time, 35 hours contact time and 10 hours evaluation and documentation time at a rate of €40/hr.  The total fee is €2,200.

From the applications received, a shortlist of artists will be invited to attend interview so we can match artists' skills to schools needs.  Schools are invited separately to register their interest in the scheme and once selected are paired with the selected artists by the Arts Office.

A facilitated planning session designed to enhance the project planning process and share experience between all participating artists and schools starts the project planning process while further project development sessions will be scheduled between each artist and teacher at their respective school to further develop the project around the ideas, skills and ambitions of the artist, teacher and children.

Download Artist's Information Sheet

Download School's Information Sheet

Download School's Application Form

For further information contact Christine Kelly, on 07196 21694 or email


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