Rural Women Along the Border


The County Leitrim Peace IV Partnership, a sub-committee of Leitrim Community Development Committee (LCDC), has drawn up the Peace IV Strategic Plan 2017-2020 for the county.

Approximately €1.7m worth of funding has been offered to Leitrim County Council as Lead Partner. Leitrim County Council on behalf of the County Leitrim Peace IV Partnership has identified the North Leitrim Women’s Centre (NLWC)  as an experienced and competent service provider in its PEACE IV Action Plan. Funding will be used to support a number of locally-based projects and initiatives that will promote positive relations between people from different communities and backgrounds.

The aim of the Rural Women Along the Border programme is to build the self-esteem, skills and confidence of women living in communities along the border in North Leitrim and South West Fermanagh to participate fully in social, economic, cultural and community life and to support the development of a shared vision and collective voice for women in the border area. The lasting legacy of division and separation in border communities coupled with current fears around Britain’s imminent exit from the European Union and the prospect of the re-introduction of some form of border controls and a ‘hard brexit’ mean it is even more important than ever to keep the border open and support continued communication and co-operation at local community level.

The Project aims to identify, target, engage and connect with some of the most socially excluded and isolated women in rural border communities and work with them to breakdown isolation and exclusion, increase and improve the self-esteem, confidence, physical and mental health, encourage, support and build connections and to facilitate women to collectively identify and name the issues and needs affecting their lives.

The Project will focus specifically on the rural border communities of:

  • Kinlough/Rossinver including the hinterland of Garrison north of the Border
  • Kiltyclogher/Glenfarne including the hinterland of Cashel and Belcoo north of the Border

The project will be promoted and advertised via a number of avenues including:

  • Project Launch Event Information/Consultation Evenings and Events in each of the target areas
  • Social Media (Twitter & Facebook)
  • Local Press via local notes and press release statements (Leitrim Observer, Impartial Reporter and the Fermanagh Herald)
  • Church Notice Boards and Bulletins (all faiths)
  • Posters displayed in key locations
  • Other local community and voluntary groups (on both sides of the border)

For further information contact the North Leitrim Women's Centre Tel: 071-9856220

For more information on the Leitrim County PEACE IV Action Plan check out

Match-funding for this element of the PEACE IV Programme has been provided by the Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government in Ireland. 

The European Union’s PEACE IV Programme is managed by the Special EU programmes Body (SEUPB)


  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union