St. Patrick's Day Giant Shamrock


Make your own Giant Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day 

This series of four videos and resources will show you how to make a Giant Shamrock from foraged materials.

Video 1: Pat outlines the life and legends associated with St. Patrick. Access video here.

Video 2:  A foraging workshop with Aoife looking for materials to make the Shamrocks. You will be looking for long, slim and flexible rods from various types of trees, willow, hazel, dogwood, poplar, briar - whatever is local. It explains what to look for, how much is needed, how to use tools safely and how to store materials. Access video here.

Video 3: Aoife will show how to create large, beautiful Hearts using the materials foraged. Learn how to bend, weave and secure materials into the desired shapes. Access video here.

Video 4: Learn how to take three hand-made Hearts and assemble them side-by-side, securing Hearts together, to form a Giant Shamrock shape and get ideas on how to finish decorating the Shamrock for St. Patrick's Day. Access video here.

Foraging Guide - Find everything that you will need for your scavenger hunt here: Foraging Guide

St Patrick’s Day Cross Corsage - Learn how to make a St Patrick’s Day Cross Corsage here: Corsage Guide

Print beautiful hand-drawn St. Patrick's Day colouring sheets below:

-        Lucky Shamrock

-        Saint Patrick and the Snakes

-        Saint Patrick Bell Shrine

-        Saint Patrick Stain Glass

This project is created by Wicklow Willow and commissioned by Leitrim County Council Library Service and Heritage Section.

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