Leitrim Biodiversity Action Plan

LM Bio Plan

Please find link here to the County Leitrim Biodiversity Action Plan 2022-2027.

The development of the plan was funded under the Rural Development LEADER Programme 2014-2022 with match funding provided by Leitrim Development Company and Leitrim County Council.

One of the main themes of the Rural Development LEADER Programme 2014-2022 is the Rural Environment. A sub theme of the programme is to focus on the protection, conservation and sustainable use of local biodiversity. An action in Leitrim was to develop a county based biodiversity plan that sets out a strategic roadmap for the protection of the Natural Environment. This is very much a community based plan and we hope that each and every one of you can get involved in the plan, either through local community projects or participating in biodiversity training or awareness raising events. This plan will also advise the decision making processes relating to the environment / biodiversity within the county and will be a useful asset in the leveraging of funding towards environmental and biodiversity related projects in the future.

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