Saving Swifts

common swift

A new book to help communities save their swifts has been launched by BirdWatch Ireland and local authority Heritage Officers.

Swifts are an iconic summer visitor to Ireland, arriving in early May following a long migration from southern Africa.  Slightly larger than a swallow they are a ‘site faithful’ bird, returning generation after generation to buildings in towns and villages throughout Ireland to nest and raise young. Like many of our wild species however, Swifts are increasingly threatened through loss of nest sites and have suffered an alarming 40% population decline in the past decade.  Problems arise when buildings are renovated or torn down removing the Swifts nest sites and sometimes huge nesting colonies can be lost overnight.  The good news is that there are many practical steps that we can all take to make a difference. Please follow the link to view the Saving Swifts guide: Saving Swifts

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