FREE Online counselling sessions for those impacted by Covid-19

MyMind have launched a new service with support from Sláintecare and the HSE, to provide help with some of the mental health challenges that are currently being experienced by many people as a result of Covid-19.

MyMind is now providing free online counselling sessions to those affected by Covid-19. As you will be well aware, Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on many individuals and families. This has led to increased pressure on people’s ability to cope. From bereavement and job losses to the fear and anxiety caused by the need to socially distance, and trying to deal with loneliness and isolation, many people are struggling to cope. Now, as we face increasing numbers again, people are faced with yet more challenges: anxiety about going out again, wearing face coverings, mixing in groups of people, potentially greater restrictions. All of this has a negative impact on our mental health.

This is a very practical service, and can be accessed safely and securely by people in the comfort of their own homes, free of charge. So far, over 500 people have availed of the service and feedback has been very positive. Eligibility criteria are broad and are available at From frontline workers to those who have lost their job or been bereaved, we encourage everyone to get in touch.

Getting help and staying connected are very important factors in maintaining good mental health. Talking to a qualified professional is a proven and effective way of dealing with problems of stress or anxiety. More information is available by calling 076 680 1060 or visiting our website at

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