Glenfarne Wood is Going Online

A new study project looking for ideas and suggestions on developing Glenfarne Wood was launched by Leitrim County Council and Coillte just over two weeks ago. Since then, rapid changes in work and home life have affected us all. Planned community workshops cannot now go ahead. However, Leitrim County Council, Coillte and EMcG Solutions have worked together and are asking people to stay involved in the process by phone, post and online means. In the words of Bruce Lee, “...the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” We are asking you to bend with us.

Many of the planned discussions are targeted at individuals and groups that have a recognisable stake in any potential development of Glenfarne Wood. These can take place by phone and/or online meeting. Consultations with the community were planned for public workshops at the Rainbow Ballroom. However, views, comments, and ideas from the public in the area are important to the study.

To provide for this an online survey has been set up and is available at .

This will be available on the websites of Leitrim County Council, Coillte and the Rainbow Ballroom, Glenfarne.

If you would like the survey on paper you can request it by post from Tracy Ferguson at 0860330850 or by telephoning the Rainbow Ballroom of Romance to arrange for collection at 071 9856831.

Tracy Ferguson, Project Development Officer with Leitrim Council, is pleased to see the project continuing: “Nature and outdoor spaces are proving their worth right now. The ideas and feedback from the community are really important to any plans that emerge for Glenfarne Wood so it’s vital we can stay in touch by whatever means necessary. We’d welcome input from anyone that’s interested in Glenfarne Wood as a resource for all.”  If you want to contribute or find out more about the Glenfarne Wood Area Study contact Tracy Ferguson at Leitrim County Council: or mobile, 0860330850.

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