Leitrim County Council takes first steps in major Capital Investment Program

At its Council meeting today (23rd September 2019) Leitrim County has taken the first key step in securing €276m of investment for the County over the next 6 years.

This strategic investment program when delivered will see the focused and targeted delivery of projects right across the County in areas such as tourism development, regeneration and development of town centres, job creation, community development,  environment protection and infrastructure development.

The Cathaoirleath of Leitrim County Council Cllr. Enda McGloin stated that ‘a programme of this scale, the first such investment plan to be pursued by Leitrim County Council, is about continuing to build the county as a location of choice for new residents, visitors and investors’, while the Chief Executive of the Council Lar Power expressed his view that the plan is ‘necessarily ambitious to ensure Leitrim maintains its attractiveness and competitive edge in the context of the pace of development across many areas of the country’.

The funding of the proposed investment plan will be drawing on the variety of national funding opportunities through Project Ireland 2040. However, matching funding raised at local level, within the County, is a critical factor in securing the financial allocations and also maintaining the excellent financial position of the Council. 

In this context the Council agreed to approve a plus 15% adjustment factor on the local property tax.  When making the decision the Council was extremely mindful of the financial impact that this decision would have on households in the County and agreed the increase based on the knowledge that in over 60% of cases the increase will mean only 26cent extra per week with a further 35% cases only 65cent per week.

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