National Slow Down Day May 22nd - 23rd 2020

Today is National “SLOW DOWN” Day – 7.00 am Friday 22nd May to 7.00 am Saturday 23rd May 2020

An Garda Siochana, supported by the Road Safety Authority and Leitrim County Council Road Safety Office, will conduct a National Speed Enforcement Operation “SLOW DOWN” for a 24 hour period from 07.00 hrs on Friday 22nd May, 2020 to 07.00 hrs on Saturday 23rd May, 2020.

Excessive and inappropriate speed is a major contributory factor in road traffic collisions and excessive speed is a contributory factor in one-third of all fatal collisions.  The higher the speed, the greater the likelihood is of a collision happening and the more severe the outcome of that collision.  As a general rule a 1% reduction in average speed will bring about a 4% reduction in fatal collisions.  Hence, reducing speed is essential to improving road safety.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, traffic volumes have reduced.  However, the need for drivers to slow down has never been greater. Anyone out driving will probably encounter large numbers of people out walking, jogging and cycling within five kilometres of their homes. Vulnerable road users will probably need to social distance too when sharing the road. This means that drivers really need to be alert to their presence. Care also needs to be taken by pedestrians, to ensure their safety, by using a footpath. Where there is none, they need to walk as near as possible to the right-hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic. But regardless of who is at fault, the speed at which the collision occurs determines the severity of that crash. For example, if a pedestrian or cyclist is hit at 60km/h they only have a 10% chance of survival, but if hit at 30km/h they have a 90% chance of surviving. By slowing down a driver will have more time and space to react to any potential hazard on the road. It also increases the likelihood of surviving a crash."

The aim of “SLOW DOWN” day is to reduce the number of speed related collisions, save lives and reduce injuries on our roads and to remind drivers of the dangers of speeding and increase compliance with speed limits.

National “SLOW DOWN” Day will consist of high visibility speed enforcement activities and Road Safety promotion via various media channels. 

• 24 - Hour road safety speed initiative

• More road deaths recorded so far this year compared to last year (56 deaths up 5)

• Adjust your speed to all the prevailing road and traffic conditions

• Due to COVID-19 increase of vulnerable road users

• Protect your community- Make the choice and abide by speed limit to make roads safer

Please support National “SLOW DOWN” Day by reducing your speed and helping to save lives on our roads.

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