New Garda Enforcement Zones - February 2020

New Garda Speed Enforcement Zones – To be Effective and To Be Enforced from 6.00 am on Monday 17th February, 2020

Leitrim  County Council Road Safety Office wishes to advise the public that New Go Safe Enforcement Zones have been added to the list of existing Go Safe Enforcement Zones and will become effective and be enforced from Monday 17th February, 2020.  Countrywide a total of 903 new Zones have been added, 575 have been removed and there will now be a total of 1,322 Safety Camera Zones Nationwide.  Leitrim have 8 new Zones added to the existing Zones making a total of 13 such Zones in County Leitrim from 17th February, 2020.  All Safety Camera Zones are available to view on the Garda Website. 

Please note that the Information sign below will NOT be in use at the new locations.



Motorists and all Road Users are advised that:

·         Safety Cameras are proven Life Savers

·         The Key Priority of these Zones is to make “Make our Roads Safer”

·         Enforcement of these Zones will commence at 6 am on Monday 17th February, 2020

·         Road Users should become familiar with all speed enforcement Zones – available

·         These are areas which carry high risk of speed related collisions

·         Be Aware of the Posted Speed Limits for your Journey

·         Speed Kills

 A Full Presentation of the launch of the new Garda Enforcement Zones is available here

  • Reduce Speed and Drive at the right speed for the conditions,
  • Don’t drive when impaired either through alcohol, drugs or fatigue
  • Always wear a seatbelt and ensure passengers are wearing theirs too, no matter how short the trip.


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