Litter and Illegal Dumping


Leitrim County Council’s Litter Management Plan 2020-2023 highlights how the council and the voluntary sector work together on litter.

The Plan can be viewed by clicking on Litter Management Plan


National Problem

Litter continues to be a persistent and widespread problem in Ireland. As a people we have the reputation of being one of the worst litter offenders in Europe and regrettably it appears to be well earned.

The problems associated with litter / illegal dumping are many and include the following:

  • Makes our urban and rural environment appear ugly
  • Damages sectors of our economy, in particular tourism
  • Places unnecessary clean up costs on local authorities
  • Can be dangerous to animals, both farm animals and wildlife
  • Attracts pests such as rats and flies
  • Is a source of embarrassment to us as a nation

The results of a recent national survey, “Attitudes and Actions”, clearly demonstrates that as a people we have double standards when it comes to litter. Over one third of Irish people spontaneously reply that litter is their top national environmental concern, yet almost half of us admit to having littered!

However, there is also some good news, as the same survey found that six out of ten people would like to do more to help the environment.

Litter at Local Level

County Leitrim, like all other counties, faces a litter challenge. While the litter problem in Leitrim may not be as great as in some other counties, it still persists. Anyone that doubts this need only view the debris on the streets of our town’s early Saturday or Sunday morning, or view the illegal dumps that are still occasionally being found in our bogs or forests.

However, progress is being made on this issue due to on going anti-litter initiatives by both Leitrim County Council and local communities.



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