20 Point Basic Fire Safety Checklist For Marquees

  1. Are alternative escape routes available from all areas except short dead ends?
  2. Are external escape routes well lit, free from obstructions & lead to a place of safety?
  3. Are all places marked clearly with illuminated exit signs, and available and fitted with panic bolts?
  4. NB No running bolts or key locking devices permitted.Do all exits open outwards, except, in small premises, entrance doors, which are locked in an open position at all times while the premises are occupied by the public?
  5. Is emergency lighting provided on internal and external escape routes inspected and services each year?
  6. Is there a backup diesel generator to supply power to the Emergency Lighting System?
  7. Are there fire extinguishers/fire blankets provided which are inspected and serviced?
  8. Has the material for the Marquee been certified in accordance with BS5438?
  9. Is gas/oil/burning/solid fuel equipment and storage installed and serviced in accordance with relevant standards?
  10. Are all electrical services certified prior to commencement of the event by your electrician?
  11. Are mobile heating appliances removed from the premises while open to the public?
  12. Have all upholstered items with infill material (e.g. foam) exposed been repaired or removed from the premises?
  13. Are any curtains or mirrors from exit areas and areas adjacent to exits?
  14. Is waste material storage kept outside and managed to reduce the risk of fire in the building and outside?
  15. Is a fire safety register kept and reviewed by a nominated person (fire safety manager)?
  16. Is there an adequate number of staff to man the exits?
  17. Have all staff received fire safety training?Is there an adequate number of staff to man the exits?
  18. Are day to day fire safety checks carried out before public are admitted?
  19. Have you read and are you familiar with the Code of Practice for the Management of Fire Safety in Places of Public Assembly?
  20. Are you aware of your responsibilities as owner/occupier of the premises under the Fire Services Act, 1981?
  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union