Evacuation Drill

Legislation requires that Evacuation Drills must be carried out in the factory, office and school but in the home it’s up to individuals to take the initiative.Often when a fire breaks out, confusion ensues, panic sets in and errors happen. Therefore it is essential that a plan for quick safe evacuation has been practiced regularly and perfected by all the family. A rehearsed evacuation drill can make all the difference.

In the event of a fire each member of the family must know how to get out of the house and what to do when outside. So a simple, easy to follow Evacuation Drill should be central to every family’s fire safety plan.

All the family should plan two escape routes to get out of the house.

Decide on one meeting point outside the house.

Practice the plan until perfect.

Close all doors when evacuating the building.

If stairs are the primary escape route – keep them clear.

Pre-assign specific responsibilities to individual family members.

Get young children and the elderly out first.

Close doors to minimise damage.

Check that everyone has arrived at the pre-arranged meeting point.

Do not re-enter the house for any reason.

Simulate a call to the fire brigade.

Why not turn the drill into a game for all the family

Appoint a ‘Fire Officer’ to alert other family members and rotate monthly.

Choose a day when the whole family will be at home.

At regular unannounced intervals activate the smoke alarm, everyone should then carry out their tasks.

Assess each Evacuation Drill and keep a chart to record improvements.

Compliment family members whose reaction times are good.
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