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Motor Tax Online is a secure service provided by the Department of Transport, which allows motor tax customers to tax their vehicles online with the PIN number on their motor tax renewal notice RF100B which is sent by the Department of Transport.

What do I need to tax my vehicle on line?

  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) and your Vehicle Registration Number to log into the service
  • Your vehicle insurance details ( name of insurer, policy number and expiry date)
  • Details of your credit card

In the case of vehicles eligible for online renewal, the PIN number is printed on the right hand side of the renewal/ reminder notice where the notice is issued by post. If you have lost or misplaced your PIN, have yet to receive it, or have recently purchased a vehicle and wish to retrieve your PIN, you can access the PIN Retrieval and submit the requested details and you PIN will be emailed to you if your vehicle is eligible for online taxing (you must enter your address exactly as it appears on your Vehicle Registration Certificate).

In the case of the first taxing of a brand new or imported vehicle, the PIN is the last 6 characters of your vehicle's chassis number (VIN) as printed on your RF100 Form. You should have received your RF100 Form either from your motor dealer or the NCTS. However, for all vehicles renewals, the PIN is now the last six digits of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VCR ) number which appears at the top right hand corner of the front of the VCR and begins with the letter C

If you can't retrieve your PIN or have other queries regarding online taxing, you should contact the Department of Transport phone no 0818411412


There are 3 forms which you can use to apply for motor tax:

  1. RF100- this is the form you get from your motor dealer or the NCT Centre when you purchase a new vehicle or import a vehicle. It is used for the first-time taxing only and not for renewal of motor tax.
  2. Form RF100A (PDF) -this is a blank motor tax renewal form
  3. RF100B- this is a computer-generated renewal form issued by the Department of Transport which is posted to you when your tax is due to expire (and may include a PIN to allow you tax online)

Use Form RF100A (PDF) or RF100B to renew your motor tax by post- you can use your preferred method of payment whether that is bank draft, cheque, Postal or Money order, or by completing the credit card details section on the form. Please do not send cash via the postal system.

You can renew your motor tax anytime during the month of expiry of your current motor tax disc, and can pay by credit card, cheque/Bank Draft or Postal/Money order.

Cheques should be made payable to 'Leitrim County Council Motor Tax Account'

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