Private Car

For First taxing of a New or Imported car you need:

Application Form RF100 (From Garage or VRT)

Appropriate Fee Motor Tax Rates 01 January 2021

To Renew motor taxation when there is no break in tax you need:

Completed application from, i.e. Reminder RF100B or Tax Renewal Form RF100A

Appropriate Fee Motor Tax Rates 01 January 2021

To Renew motor tax where a Re-Declaration is necessary (e.g. Change of address, change of Class, Change of engine) you need:

Complete Tax Renewal Form RF100A (where change of address)

Complete Declaration RF111 (change of class, change of engine etc)

Registration Book/Vehicle Licensing Certificate

Letter from main dealer on headed paper confirming that a change of engine has taken place and giving the engine capacity of the new engine.

Appropriate Fee

Change of Ownership, Vehicles registered before 1/1/93

Dealt with by local Motor Taxation Office

Transfer of Ownership Form RF200

Registration Book/Log Book

Appropriate Fee:

Changes of Ownership, Vehicles registered since 1/1/93

1.If taxing is not taking place then, fully completed the Change of Ownership details on reverse of Vehicles Licensing Certificate/Vehicle Registration Certificate should be forward to Department of Transport, Shannon, Co Clare, Phone 0818 411 412

2.If Change of ownership is taking place at point of taxing, you will need

Vehicle Licensing Certificate, Fully completed by seller and buyer with date of sale inserted

Fully completed Form RF100A

Appropriate Fee

Buyer /seller Unknown

For Vehicles registered in Ireland before 01/01/1993 (pre 93 manufactured vehicles and registered in Ireland pre 1993 in respect to imported vintage vehicles)

Where a buyer cannot contact the seller in order to sign the RF200 form, the application must be completed as much as possible and be accompanied by an affidavit detailing when he/she became the owner of the vehicle. The vehicle record will be updated.

Where a seller cannot contact the buyer in order to fully complete the RF200 form, the application must be accompanied by an affidavit detailing when the vehicle was disposed/sold. The Motor Tax office will update the vehicle record so that no reminders will issue to the seller but the vehicle will still remain in the seller name.

Declaration forms can be obtained at any of the Motor Taxation offices and should be signed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths/Practicing Solicitor.

Change of ownership- Person purchases vehicle, previous owner has lost VLC/VRC or person cannot locate previous owner.

For Vehicles registered in Ireland after 01/01/1993 regardless of year of manufacture

Statutory Declaration should be completed and submitted to Department of Transport, Shannon, Co Clare.

Current registered owner on National Vehicle Driver File will be corresponded with and be given 14 days to respond.

Assuming there is no continuing interest from the previous owner, a duplicate copy of VRC is generated and sent to the motor tax office appropriate to the new owner's address.

The new owner will be advised to appear personally at the local Motor Tax Office to endorse the copy VRC with their signature and to present a current driving licence as identification. A fee of €12 for the duplicate VRC will apply.

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