Subsidy Grant towards the operation of Group Water Schemes

An annual subsidy grant is payable towards the operating costs of providing water for domestic use to a group water scheme, which meets the terms and conditions of the subsidy.

For 2019/2020 expenditure:

€115.00 for each house supplied from a Public Source

€231.00 for each house supplied from a Private source *

*There is an additional €50 available for each house for Private Group Water Schemes with less than 100 houses for a 3 Year Period.This is available to incentivise small privately sourced group water schemes to progress into more sustainable entities ensuring that domestic users receive quality compliant water on a consistent long term basis.

Full details of the grant, procedure and application form are set out in the Terms & Conditions for Subsidy towards the Operational Costs of Group Water Schemes below.

Annual Subsidy Form.pdf (size 327.9 KB)

Annual Subsidy Terms _ Conditions.pdf (size 236.5 KB)

Circular L917 Revision of Subsidy.pdf (size 198.4 KB)

Leaflet on Eircodes.pdf (size 473.6 KB)
(From 2018, the eircodes of each connection must be submitted with your application form)

Further information is available from the Rural Water Section of Leitrim County Council located at Park Lane, Carrick-on-Shannon, Phone 071 9620005 Ext 611.

Closing date for the Annual and Advance Subsides is 30th June 2020.*

*Deadline extended to 11th September 2020.


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