Control of Dogs

Dog Licences

All dogs must have a current licence. Licences are available at all post offices and on-line at Leitrim Community Wardens regularly carry out Dog Licence inspections and impose On-the-Spot fines of €100 for unlicensed dogs.

List of Fees & Charges

Single Dog Licence                 €20

General Licence                      €400

Lifetime licence                      €140

On-the-Spot Fine                    €100

Dog –Fouling Fine                  €150

Reclaim Fee (1st offence)        €60

Reclaim Fee    (2nd offence)    €120

Re-claim fee    (3rd offence)    €200

Dogs which are seized on three or more occasions may not be returned to the owner and may be subject to disposal by the Dog Warden Service.

Stray Dogs

It is the responsibility of all dog owners to ensure their dog is kept under control at all times in a public place. Dogs which are allowed to stray may cause injury to persons or livestock, damage to property and may cause road traffic accidents. There is a €100 on-the-spot fine for allowing a dog to stray in a public place.

Dog Fouling

Under Section 22 of the Litter Pollution Act, 1997, it is an offence to allow a dog under your control to foul a public place. This means that you or the person in charge of your dog is required by law to remove dog faeces and dispose of it in a suitable and sanitary way.

An On-the-Spot fine of €150 may be imposed on the owner of a dog who fouls a public place, with a maximum fine of €3,000 for this offence.

Restricted Breeds 

Under the Control of Dogs (Restriction of Certain Dogs) Regulations 1991, additional rules are imposed in relation to the following breeds, or any strains and crosses of these breeds.  
·        American Pit Bull Terrier
·        English Pit Bull Terrier
·        Staffordshire Bull Terrier
·        Bull mastiff
·        Dobermann Pinscher
·        German Shephard
·        Rhodesian Ridgeback
·        Rottweiler
·        Japanese Akita
·        Japanese Tosa
·        Bandog  

The regulations state the following:  

·         These dogs, or strains or crosses of them must be kept on a short, strong lead by a person over 16 years of age who is capable of controlling them

·         These dogs or strains or crosses of them must be muzzled whenever they are in a public place.

·         These dogs or strains or crosses of them, must wear a collar bearing the name and address of their owner at all times
On-the-spot fines of €100 may be imposed for breaches of this legislation.

Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010

From 1 January 2011, all dog breeders who have six or more breeding bitches must apply to Leitrim County Council to have their premises inspected and registered. All Dog Breeding Establishments must fulfil certain minimum criteria in respect of Hygiene, Structure,Welfare, Worming, Vaccination and Record-Keeping. Registration fees are as follows:

6-18 Bitches                €400

19-30 Bitches              €800

31-100 Bitches            €1600

101-200 Bitches          €3000

Dog Breeders should contact The Veterinary Section, Leitrim County Council using the Contact details above to arrange an inspection of their premises.

Spaying and Neutering 

All pet-owners are strongly advised to have their dog neutered if they don’t intend to breed from them in a responsible and caring way.  Many unwanted puppies end up as stray dogs. In Ireland the per capita rate of destruction of dogs in Local Authority pounds is more than twenty times that of the UK. This is inhumane, immoral and a  waste of valuable resources.

The most sustainable way to reduce the stray dog population in Ireland is for pet-owners to take their responsibilities seriously and have their dog sterilised. Spaying your female dog will prevent her causing a nuisance when she comes in season. Neutered male dogs are less likely to wander or display aggression. Neutering also has many health benefits, including a greatly reduced risk of certain types of cancer.


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