Food Safety

 Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety

The Veterinary Department of Leitrim County Council carries out a broad range of duties relating to Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety. These duties include:

Supervision of welfare and hygiene at slaughterhouses. 

Supervision of Food Safety Management  systems at Meat Manufacturing premises, Slaughterhouses, Meat Distributors and small poultry producers.

Sampling for Veterinary Residues, Process Hygiene and compliance with certain Microbiological criteria.

The service is provided under the terms of a Service Contract with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. The most recent Service Contract comes into effect on January 1st 2011 and provides for a five year term, ending on 31st December 2015.  

Food Safety Legislation

The Veterinary Department is involved in implementing a wide range of National and E.U. Food Safety legislation as listed in Schedule I of the FSAI Service Contract. The Service Contract and a list of relevant legislation may be viewed on  


There are currently six slaughterhouses operating in County Leitrim. Ante and Post-Mortem inspections are carried out by Veterinary Inspectors on all animals slaughtered at these premises. All slaughtermen must comply with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1099/2009, Protection of Animals at time of Killing. Slaughter must be carried out hygienically and with minimum pain or stress to the animals.

The Veterinary Department is responsible for supervising the slaughter process and ensuring the highest standards of hygiene before, during and after slaughter. Supervision of slaughtering is carried out to ensure compliance with legislative and Best Practice requirements. Ensuring the production of high-quality, wholesome, residue-free meat using the most up-to-date techniques available is a priority of Leitrim County Council.

Meat Processors

There is one approved Meat manufacturing Premises in Leitrim - "Chef in a Box" based at the Food Hub, Drumshanbo - this

company manufactures a range of Ready Meals.

Meat Distributors

All meat distributors based within the county must register with Leitrim County Council. They are subject to regular inspection, and must fulfill a number of legislative requirements in relation to maintenance of premises, hygiene and product traceability.  A guidance note outlining the basic legislative requirements in relation to structure, hygiene and HACCP for such operators can be supplied on request from Leitrim County Council.

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