Slaughter Houses

Ante and Post-Mortem inspections are carried out by Veterinary Inspectors on all animals slaughtered at these premises. Slaughter must be carried out hygienically and with minimum pain or stress to the animals.

There are currently four slaughterhouses operating in County Leitrim.


  • Hugh Logan, Mohill- Slaughter of cattle & sheep. Approval No 2471.                        
  • John O’Malley, Carrigallen – Slaughter of cattle, sheep, pigs & goats. Approval No 2645
  • Sean Rooney, Kinlough -   Slaughter of cattle, sheep & pigs. Approval No 2404. 
  • Damien Thornton, Manorhamilton - Slaughter of cattle & sheep. Approval No. 2393                  
  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union