What is SECURE?

SECURE is a 3 year (2016 – 2019) transnational project to help build the capacity of partners organisations to deploy successful energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and solutions in housing and public infrastructure. It is co-funded by the EU’s Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) Programme. The learning across peripheral and arctic regions on energy efficiency and use of renewable technologies will be shared between partners and to communities they serve.

The project partnership includes eight partners across the Northern and Arctic Region: Ernact, Leitrim and Donegal County Councils (ROI), Derry City & Strabane District Council (NI), Association of Local Authorities in Vasternorrland (ALAV) in Sweden, Karella University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Umhvørvisstovanin Faroe Islands and the Ecology Action Centre (Canada).

What are the benefits of SECURE?

Everyone is becoming more aware of the need to become more energy efficient, to look at new ways of lighting, heating and building which use less carbon and have lower running costs. It is important that public infrastructure such as public lighting, heating of public buildings and housing are using the latest energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

It is equally important that we share with other areas work that has already been done on energy efficiency e.g. in public housing in Leitrim or renewable energy technologies e.g. biomass boilers in some of the bigger energy users in the county.

SECURE offers the opportunity to equip local authorities with the skills and capacity to successfully use the latest energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, to learn from other areas and to share that information with communities in Leitrim.

SECURE will also allow us to examine energy usage in a number of public buildings in the County and trial new technologies in order to assess the impact on running costs after a trial period. This will offer the opportunity to test new technologies and share the information with citizens, business and others throughout the county and become a beacon region for best practice in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

What will SECURE Do for Communities?



⌂   SECURE will provide the opportunity for communities to access information on best practice in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in houses and public infrastructure.

⌂        It will enable all community stakeholders to build awareness of the energy efficiency and renewable solutions that can be applied to their build environment, e.g., housing and public infrastructure.

⌂         This ‘awareness’ will be increased as a result of the exposure to new concepts, technologies and solutions from other regions, all stakeholders working together to adapt them and successfully apply them in their own region and experiencing success in terms of lower costs and more secure sources of energy.

What will SECURE Do for the Broader Region?

⌂        Partner regions, such as Leitrim, will have significantly increased their expertise, solutions, technology and capability to act to improve energy efficiency and renewable energy across their region.

⌂        It is equally important to increase the capability of local authorities to transfer the models and solutions shared from other partners to their region. The local authorities in the project have responsibility for the built environment so have the potential to make a significant impact on energy policy and its implementation in housing, public buildings and other infrastructure (e.g. public lighting).


⌂        Local Authorities involved will develop their awareness and capability by learning what local authorities in other regions are doing to:

o    raise awareness among all stakeholders,

o   develop and pilot a number of energy services,

o   gain expertise of new efficiency and renewable technologies and solutions and pilot their use

o   explore the best way of delivering new energy services, including encouraging private SMEs to do so.

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