Leitrim Arts Plan

At their November meeting, the memebers of Leitrim County Council adopted a new Arts Strategy for the continued development of the arts within the county. The strategy extends for the period 2019 - 2022 and sets out the commitment of Leirim County Council towards arts development for that period.



 “to nurture and foster the arts in all its diversity; to embrace and welcome new ideas; to create the conditions to help turn those ideas intoreality; and to embed the arts and creativity into all aspects of the social, economic and cultural life of Leitrim.” 

This mission statement of Leitrim County Council’s Arts Plan 2019 - 2022 echoes that of Leitrim County Council’s Culture and Creativity strategy while the operational plan adopts the content and structure of the Leitrim County Council’s Framework Agreement with the Arts Council.

The three functions set out in the Arts Act 2003 to “stimulate public interest in the arts, promote knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts, and improve standards in the arts” are the same functions that were written into the frst Arts Act of 1951. Similarly Leitrim County Council’s previous arts plans all shared common goals to encourage greater engagement and participation in the arts and to support artists to be able to make work and provide for those opportunities.

This plan maintains these goals with an emphasis on innovating, growing and improving as well as building new. By maintaining and developing partnerships built on mutually shared goals, the plan seeks to put those programmes and projects that have proved successful on a secure and permanent footing while leaving the space to undertake new approaches where the opportunity arises.

Ultimately the plan endeavours to ensure that to work as an artist in County Leitrim is a viable option for all emerging and established professional artists who wish to do so, and that for everyone and every community the arts remain available, vibrant and vital.

Leitrim County Council Arts Plan 2019 - 2022

For more information contact the Arts Office at Leitrim County Council on 071 96 21694 or arts@leitrimcoco.ie.

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