Inter Agency Traveller Services Group (IATSG)

Leitrim Inter Agency Traveller Services Group is made up of representatives from the relavent agencies in Leitrim and from the Traveller Community.
The IATSG Plan 2018-2020 is currently being updated and will be available here when ready.

There are three working groups within the IATSG:

  • Education & Training Working Group
  • Accommodation & Integration Working Group
  • Health & Wellbeing Working Group

Animal Welfare and pony riding course 2017

Pictured above are young people from the traveller community on the Pony Riding & Animal Welfare Project that took place in 2017.
This very successful project will be repeated and expanded in 2018 providing an advanced course for those who completed last years programme, and two novice courses.

putting on a bridle

  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union