Stress Rescue for Coping with Covid-19 from HSE Health and Wellbeing

The HSE Health & Wellbeing Stress Control on-line programme will be broadcast on Monday 11th May for its second run. The programme, which helps participants deal with increased stress and cope with Covid-19, is free of charge and runs for three weeks. To join simply go to to register.
With an average daily Irish viewership of nearly 3,500 per session, the initial three week programme which ran recently, proved very popular with Irish audiences who joined an online community to learn ways to tackle the increase in worry and stress we are all feeling.
Speaking about the programme, Dr Christina Corbett, HSE Senior Psychologist commented: “This programme aims to provide easy access to practical information for anyone who may be feeling anxious or stressed at this time. We have had a lot of positive feedback from Irish participants.”
Programme resources are available to download free of charge and include booklets and relaxation and mindfulness tools to support people to try various strategies to find what works for them.
Aoife, a 22-year-old, fourth-year student at IT Sligo said: “I never thought about learning to control my stress, until I watched the stress control programme. During this time of isolation and lockdown, there is a lot of extra time to think, rethink and overthink. This programme has given me simple steps and procedures to follow to stop this and reduce my stress. I now know how to identify my type of stress, and hearing others describe theirs is reassuring. I think this is a really useful tool, taking you through simple steps for controlling stress.”
People of all ages can benefit as 74-year-old Deirdre from Dublin testified: “Congratulations on bringing this wonderful course to the Irish public at a time of many stresses, especially for us being cocooned. Having no children to help me use my laptop, I can't believe I have found my way around this course. Thank you as I have suffered from stress for most of my adult life.”
How to Participate:
To access the Stress Control sessions, visit
Users need to ‘Subscribe’ to Stress Control’s YouTube page, (this is a free subscription) and they will receive notifications when a new session is available. You can also follow this link:
Additional mental health resources can be found at
HSE Stress Control Programme
The roll out of the Stress Control programme has been a priority for the HSE under the Healthy Ireland Framework and under the Connecting for Life Suicide Strategy. Prior to COVID-19 the HSE was working across the Community Health Organisations (CHOs) and Hospital Groups to roll out Stress Control to the public and to staff. In the context of COVID-19 this course is now available online.
HSE Health & Wellbeing next Stress Control on line course will take place on the following dates:

Session Date 1st Showing Repeated
1: What is stress? Mon / Tues 11/12 May 2-3.30pm 8.30-10pm
2: Controlling your body Thurs / Fri 14/15 May 2-3.30pm 8.30-10pm
3: Controlling your thoughts Mon / Tues 18/19 May 2-3.30pm 8.30-10pm
4: Controlling your actions Thurs / Fri 21/22 May 2-3.30pm 8.30-10pm
5: Controlling panicky feelings
    Getting a good night’s sleep
Mon / Tues  25/26 May 2-3.30pm 8.30-10pm
6: Boosting your wellbeing
    Tying it all together
    Controlling your future
Thurs / Fri 28/29 May 2-3.30pm
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