Bring Banks

With surge in use of recycle bottle banks, householders are asked to store "empties" safely at home during the pandemic

Leitrim County Council are asking Householders to take the pressure off the recycling bottle banks throughout the county at present and store your empty bottles at home during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The problem is that the company that operates the bottle banks across a number of counties is overwhelmed with the increased usage of the sites, and cannot keep up with the demand. While the bottle bank sites remain open to the public, they are not an essential service at this time.

Therefore, rather than arriving at a full bottle bank and opting to leave your empty bottles beside the banks, please bring the bottles home again and store them safely until this pandemic passes.

Empty bottles, left on the ground at a bottle bank, is considered a litter offence and anyone who does it, may well face prosecution as a result.

As we come into the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, a further surge in empty bottles and cans is likely, so the advice is for now, store these recyclables safely at home.

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