Wednesday, 2nd February, 2022

Carrick-on-Shannon is officially celebrating today after receiving the news that they have been awarded the renewal of the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation for its evening and night-time economy (ENTE).

The Purple Flag Award is an initiative given to towns that offer residents and visitors an enjoyable and safe night out. It aims to raise the standard and broaden the appeal of the town between the hours of 17:00 pm  & 05:00 am.   Areas awarded the Purple Flag are recognised for providing a vibrant and diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents.   Just as a Blue Flag indicates a beach is safe for swimming, a Purple Flag indicates that a town is a safe and versatile place to spend an evening out.  A working group made up of stakeholders from the local authority, business and hospitality sectors in Carrick on Shannon has worked towards achieving this status for the town. 

The last few years have not been what anyone expected and we have had to tread new territory in the fight against COVID-19.   Local businesses adapted to the Covid 19 restrictions and are navigating safely through the pandemic.

The Market Yard Canopy, and the increased developments though the Public Realm enhancement including the new riverside boardwalk and the town centre parking were highlighted in the success of the application.

About Purple Flag:

The Purple Flag programme was developed following the Civic Trust’s “Night Vision” report in 2006 and is now managed by the Association of Town & City Management.

Purple Flag is:

●        An accreditation process similar to Green Flag Award for parks and Blue Flag for beaches. It leads to Purple Flag status for town centres that meet or surpass the standards of excellence in managing the evening and night-time economy.

●        A comprehensive set of standards, management processes and good practice examples designed to help transform town and city centres at night.

●        A research, training and development programme, to help towns and cities improve their evening and night-time economy.

●        A positive initiative that indicates an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out.

  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union
  • Leitrim Sports