Local Authority Home Loan (LAHL) Scheme

The new Local Authority Home Loans Scheme (LAHL) is a new Government backed mortgage for first time buyers and fresh start applicants, now available from Leitrim County Council. It can be used to purchase a new or second-hand property or for self-build. A Local Authority Home Loan provides up to 90% of the market value of the property. The scheme replaces the former Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan (RIHL) effective from 4th January 2022. It also includes the purchase of homes through schemes such as the Tenant Purchase and Affordable Housing Schemes. The maximum market values of the property that can be purchased or self-built in the Leitrim County Administrative area is €250,000.

Some of the main changes compared to the RIHL include:

·        A 'Fresh Start' principle applies to the LAHL. This means that people who are divorced, legally separated/separated or the relationship has ended and have no financial interest in the family home are eligible to apply under this scheme. People who have undergone personal insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings will also be eligible to apply for the LAHL.

The application form is available to download here: Local Authority Home Loan Application Form.

A borrower information booklet has also been developed for the LAHL: Local Authority Home Loan Information Booklet for applicants .

Dedicated Local Authority Home Loan Website and Helpdesk

Further information on these home loans can be obtained from the  Local Authority Home Loan website where you can check your eligibility for the scheme, compare interest rate etc.

This website also contains details of a dedicated help desk which you may contact with your queries on 051 349720.

Application Processs

Completed application forms together with all of the relevant supporting documentation must be submitted in hard copy to the Finance Department. Following receipt of your application, your application will be validated to ensure that you have submitted a valid application. Only valid applications can be processed, incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant(s). To assist you in completing a valid application please refer to the checklist on page 3 of the application form. Completed applications should be submitted by post to the following address:

New Local Authority Housing Loans,

The Finance Department,

Leitrim County Council,


Co. Leitrim. N41 PF67

Email: laloans@leitrimcoco.ie

Tel: 071/ 9620005 ext 354

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