ORIS 2020 - Funding for Outdoor Recreational Infrastructure

The Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme provides funding for the development of new outdoor recreational infrastructure. It also provides support for the necessary maintenance, enhancement or promotion of existing outdoor recreational infrastructure in rural areas across Ireland.

2020 Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme Outline


The scheme supports sporting and recreational pursuits. It helps to make use of the resources of the countryside that contribute to healthy active lifestyles. It supports the economic and tourism potential of the area for both local communities and tourist visitors alike.

It provides funding for:

  • development, extensions and repair of trails, walkways, cycleways and blueways
  • improved access to leisure or recreational facilities
  • development of outdoor recreational infrastructure

Categories of application

Applications are accepted from local authorities and/or state agencies under the following measures:

  • small-scale maintenance/promotional and marketing projects to include grant aid amounts of up to €20,000
  • medium-scale repair/upgrade and new trail/amenity development grant amounts of up to €200,000
  • large-scale repair/upgrade and new strategic trail development grant amounts of over €200,000 and up to €500,000

To download application Application Forms, Click on links below:

- ORIS 2020 Measure 1 Application Form - to be submitted by 4pm on Fri 21st August 2020.

- ORIS 2020 Measures 2 and 3 Application Form - to be submitted by 4 pm on Fri 16th October 2020.

  • EU Sturctural Fund
  • European Union
  • Leitrim Sports