Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan


This is a new Government backed mortgage for first time buyers. It is available nationwide from all local authorities from 1st February, 2018.

As a first time buyer you can apply for a Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan to purchase a new or second-hand property, or to build your own home.

The loan is a normal Capital and Interest-bearing mortgage which is repaid by direct debit on a monthly basis.

You can borrow up to 90% of the market value of the property.

Maximum market values of the property that can be purchased or self-built are:

·        €250,000  for County Leitrim.

Further information is available from the Rebuilding Ireland National Call Centre Telephone: 051 349720 (8am to 5pm - Monday to Friday) or alternatively you can contact the Finance Department of Leitrim County Council.

1.     If you think you are eligible and can afford the repayments on the amount you need to borrow, you can complete a Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan application form here

2. You must complete all sections of the application form and provide the supporting documents described in the applicant checklist.

3. Your application form must be signed by all applicants and submitted to the Finance Department of Leitrim County Council.

4. Your application will be assessed and you will be advised of the decision in writing. Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.

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