Civil Defence

Civil Defence Mission. “To support the emergency services and to provide community support by promoting developing and maintaining Civil Defence as an effective volunteer based organisation.”

Brief History.

Civil Defence was set up in 1950 to be part of the national defence structure as the necessary civil response to potential hazards, which might arise in a war situation. A major disaster would require an organisation skilled in first aid, fire fighting, rescue, evacuation, welfare, communications and mobilisation capability.In the late 1980,s the Cold War came to a sudden and unexpected end. This enabled Civil Defence to shift its focus onto its peacetime function of acting as a backup to, essentially, all of the emergency services.

The new State Authority known as the Civil Defence Board was established by Order of the Minister for Defence in 2003 arising from the enactment of the Civil Defence Act 2002. By virtue of this Act, the Board assumed responsibility, formerly with the Minister for Defence, for the Civil Defence at National level.


The members of the Civil Defence organisation are volunteers and local administration is arranged by a full time Civil Defence Officer. Members are trained in various skills such as first aid, ambulance skills, rescue, basic fire fighting, emergency feeding, evacuee care, land and water search, radiation monitoring, boat handling, driving, and communications. Other skills taught are map reading, compass work, and response to flooding, environmental problems, blizzard conditions and major emergencies.

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Brian Sweeney,

Civil Defence Officer,





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