Making a submission

Commenting on a Planning Application  

The Planning & Development Regulations 2001 (as amended) have set out the procedures to be followed in respect of submissions/observations in relation to planning applications; these comments may be positive or negative.  An appeal of a decision by a Planning Authority can only be made to An Bord Pleanála where a valid submission has been received, other than the applicant or adjoining land owner who must apply for leave to appeal.

The Planning Application

When a planning application is received by the Planning Authority it is validated and assigned a planning register number.  Planning application reference numbers are available on our website or by calling our Planning Department.  This is a unique number and should be quoted on the submission/observation and on all correspondence regarding the application.The planning process is an open and transparent process and your submissions/observations are placed on a public file with all other documents submitted.  This information is placed on Leitrim County Council's website.  Should the content of the submissions/observations be considered potentially defamatory, the submissions/observations shall be held confidentially i.e. not published on the website.

A Valid Submission/Observation 

To ensure your comments are taken into consideration your submission/observation must comply with the following:

·         Any person or body may make a submission or observation on a planning application.

·         This must be made in writing to the planning authority in accordance with the Planning & Development Regulations 2001 (as amended).

·         Must be made within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.  If the last day of this five week period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, submissions/observations can be accepted on the next working day up to close of business 5 p.m.  

·         A payment of €20 must accompany the submission/observation.  Payment is accepted by cash at our public counter, or can be paid by cheque or postal orders made payable to Leitrim County Council.  Laser and credit card payments are accepted also.

The submission/observation must include the following:

·         Include the Planning Register Number

·         Your name address and contact number

·         E-mail address, if any, of the person or body making the submission/observation

·         Indicate the address to which any correspondence relating to the application should be sent

·         In the case of a submission/observation with multiple signatories, an acknowledgement will be sent to one signatory only, the address of which should be indicated on the submission/observation

Ensure the above details are legible and the submission/observation is also signed and dated. Should your submission/observation comply with the above, it is acknowledged by the Planning Department.  A receipt will issue.  These are important documents and will be required if you wish to appeal the decision of the Planning Authority to An Bord Pleanála.

Submissions or Observations with Regard to Further Information or Revised Plans

Where we receive further information which contains significant additional data, then a submission or observation in relation to the further information or revised plans may be made in writing to us on payment of €20 (If you had previously made a valid submission there will be no fee due), not later than 2 weeks after the receipt of a valid newspaper notice and site notice by us. In the case of a planning application accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and/or a Natura Impact Statement (NIS), the time period to make a submission is within 5 weeks of receipt of such valid notices by the Planning Authority”.

If you have any queries contact:

Planning Department,
Leitrim County Council,Aras an Chontae,Carrick on Shannon ,Co.Leitrim
Telephone: 071-9650450

Invalid Submission

If the submission/observation does not comply, it is returned with the attached monies.

Withdrawn Submission 

There is no mechanism in the regulations for the withdrawal of a submission/observation.  You may however, make a further addition to your submission instructing the Planning Authority to disregard your original submission.  This must be done as soon as possible, and within the first five weeks.  Both letters then remain on the file.

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