Annual Winter Maintenance Plan

Here are some of the higlights of the Winter Maintainence Plan for 2021/2022 but the full document is available here.


Leitrim County Council will, during severe weather, clear snow/ice from footpaths at strategic locations in the towns and villages. Property owners are encouraged to clear snow from the footpaths outside their property. We will advise the public of the best equipment to use and the safest way to use this equipment in clearing snow from footpaths.

Covid 19 Policy

All workers are to protect themselves from risk of infection from other workers by following Leitrim County Council’s Health & Safety policies, (including all Standard Operating Procedures & Guidance), on COVID-19.  The RASOP for people entering the trucks should be strictly complied with. The trucks should be cleaned, (all surfaces wiped down etc.), and the cab disinfected every time a driver finishes their shift, and when there is a change of personal. On completion of a shift, (or at least once per week if only one driver has been in the vehicle during that period), or at anytime when there is a change of driver, the vehicle should be disinfected using the disinfectant spray. When a vehicle is disinfected, it should not be entered for a 20-minute period after the disinfectant is administered. This disinfectant spray should be used in conjunction with the regular cleaning and wiping down of surfaces, and not to be solely relied on.

Should a driver of a vehicle or any other staff member that has been in the vehicle test positive for the virus, then the plant manager should be notified immediately, so that the vehicle can be professionally deep-cleaned. Nobody else should enter the vehicle until this has been undertaken.

Overall Map of the Service Plan Area

Winter Maintenance Routes 2021 / 2022

Weather Monitoring and the Treatment Decision Process

Leitrim County Council appoints Duty Engineers to review the weather conditions and make a decision on the treatment to be carried out, each day during the winter period. The weather predictions are made available to Leitrim County Council through the TII web based weather application provided by Met Eireann and Vaisala. The Duty Engineer will monitor the weather conditions as necessary and alter any decisions made as required.

Winter Service Duty Engineers and Winter Service Supervisors must attend to their normal Council duties during normal Council working hours and be competent to do so. Accordingly, Leitrim County Council acknowledges that there is a limit to the extent of overnight monitoring that can be expected of a Duty Engineer. In particular, the Council would expect that treatment decisions would normally be communicated to the Winter Service Supervisor before 22:00 hours. If the treatment decision is deferred to a later time, the Duty Engineer should advise the Winter Service Supervisor of the deferred treatment decision deadline at or prior to 22:00 hours.

Details of the rosters for the duty engineers in Appendix B.


Contact Details

Duty Forecaster Met Eireann(01) 8065550
Technical Support for Bureau Weather Service(01) 8064219 or (01) 8064255
Garda Point of Contact(071)9142031 or (071)9157000
Winter Service Manager Donegal County Council(074) 9153900
Winter Service Manager Sligo County Council(071) 9111111
Winter Service Manager Roscommon County Council(090) 6637100
Winter Service Manager Longford County Council(043) 3343300
Winter Service Manager Cavan County Council(049) 4378300
Winter Service Manager Western Division, Road Service NI

00 44 28 82254111 or

00 44 28 82241999

Commisky Plant Hire087 9683006
Ambulance Service999 or 112
Fire Service999 or 112

Supplementary Resources

Details of resources available to supplement the winter service are included in Appendix C
Decision Matrix

The following table is our Decision Matrix for treatment of roads in severe weather conditions.

Road Surface TemperaturePrecipitationPredicted Road Conditions
WetWet PatchesDry
May fall below 1°C

No rain

No hoar frost

No fog

Salt before frostSalt before frost (see note a)No action likely, monitor weather
(see note a)
Expected to fall below 1°C

No rain

No hoar frost

No fog

Expected hoar frost

Expected fog

Salt before frost (see note b)
Expected rain before freezingSalt after rain stops (see note c)
Expected rain during freezingSalt before frost, as required during rain and after rain stops (see note d)

Possible rain

Possible hoar frost

Possible fog

Salt before frostMonitor weather conditions
Expected SnowSalt before snow fall

The decision to undertake precautionary treatments should be, if appropriate, adjusted to take account of residual salt or surface moisture.

All decisions should be evidence based, recorded and require careful monitoring and review.


(a)   Particular attention should be given to the possibility of water running across carriageways and other running surfaces e.g. surface water off adjacent fields after heavy rains, washing off salt previously deposited.  Such locations should be closely monitored and may require treating in the evening and morning and possible other occasions.  Ideally the source of the run-off should be diverted from the roadway.

(b)   When a weather warning contains reference to expected hoar frost, considerable deposits of frost can occur.  Hoar frost usually occurs in the early morning and is difficult to cater for because of the probability that any salt deposited on a dry road too soon before its onset, may be dispersed before it can become effective.  Careful monitoring is required under this forecast condition which should ideally be treated just as the hoar frost is forming.  Such action is usually not practicable and salt may have to be deposited on a dry road prior to but as close as possible to the expected time of the condition.  Hoar frost may also be forecast at other times of the day, in which case the timing of salting operations should be adjusted accordingly.

(c)   If under these conditions, rain has not ceased by early morning, crews should be called out and action initiated as rain ceases.

(d)   Under these circumstances rain will freeze on contact with running surfaces and full precautionary treatment should be provided even on dry roads.  This is a most serious condition and should be monitored closely and carefully throughout the danger period.

Treatment Matrix

The following table is our Treatment Matrix for the various weather conditions.

Treatment Matrix Guide

Weather Conditions

Road Surface Conditions

Road Surface Temperature (RST)

Air TemperatureSalt Spread Rate (gm/m2)Ploughing

Frost or forecast frost

RST at or above -2°C


Frost or forecast frost

RST below -2°C and above -5°C


Frost or forecast frost

RST below -5°C and above -10°C and dry or damp road conditions


Frost or forecast frost

RST below -5°C and above -10°C and wet road conditions (existing or anticipated)

 2 runs X 20No
Light snow forecast (<10mm) 20No
Forecast for Medium/heavy snow or a freezing rain forecast 2 runs X 20No
Ice formedAbove -5°C20Not possible
Ice formedAt or below -5°C2 runs X 20Not possible
Snow covering exceeding 30mm 20 to supplement ploughing, up to 40 if temperatures are fallingRequired
Snow accumulations due to prolonged falls 20 to 40 to supplement ploughingRequired
Hard packed snow/iceAbove ‑8°CSuccessive treatments at 20 to 40
(repeat as needed)
Not possible
Hard packed snow/iceAt or below ‑8°CSuccessive treatments at 20 to 40, supplemented by abrasives
(repeat as needed)
Not possible
Sustained low temperaturesBelow ‑10°CRefer to Roads Section 


(a)   Rate of spread for precautionary treatments may be adjusted to take account of variations occurring along the route such as residual salt, surface moisture (in the air or on the road surface) and traffic density.

(b)   All decisions should be forecast based, recorded and require careful monitoring and review.

(c)   Ice refers to all ice on the road surface, including black ice.

(d)   For salt stored outside it may be necessary to increase spread rate for precautionary treatment salting from 10gm/m2 to 15gm/m2. Duty engineer to decide which rate to use.

Target Spread Rates by Location

LocationSalt Spread Rate
CarriagewaysAs described in the Treatment Matrix Guide
Hard shoulder or carriageway marginal strips50% of selected treatment
Porous SurfacingPlus25% of selected treatment
Footways, cycle tracks and pedestrian areas25 gm/m2

Plant, Vehicles and Equipment

Leitrim County Council operates 5 number demountable mounted salt spreaders, a hired fixed mount 9m3 salt spreader and 6 number snowploughs, to deliver the winter service. We also have access to other hire equipment if the situation requires.



Depot LocationCapacityDate CalibratedDate ServicedDate of next CalibrationDate of next Service
Plant No 39 Demountable Salt Spreader


(mounted on 141OY1112 PL 38)

9 m3Oct 2021Sept 2021Oct 2021Sept 2022
Plant No. 24 - Demountable salt spreader


(mounted on 141OY1111 PL 37)

6 m3Oct 2021Sept 2021Oct 2021Sept 2022
Plant No. 25 - Demountable salt spreaderManorhamilton (mounted on 05LM1053 PL 32)6 m3Oct 2021Sept 2021Oct 2021Sept 2022

Plant No. 40H -

Fixed mount salt spreader


(mounted on 11OY2445 PL44)

10 m3Oct 2021Sept 2021Oct 2021Sept 2022

Plant No. 30

Demountable salt spreader


(mounted on 211LM282 PL45)

5 m3Oct 2021Sept 2021Oct 2021Sept 2022

Plant No. 46 –

Fixed mount 10m3 salt spreader


(132OY272 PL46)

10 m3August 2021August 2021August 2023August 2022
Plant No. 29 - Demountable salt spreaderManorhamilton5 m3Oct 2021Sept 2021Oct 2021Sept 2022
Demountable Mini SpreaderCarrick/Mohill2 m3June 2021June 2021June 2023Sept 2022
Snowploughs & Loading ShovelsDepot LocationFitted toDate ServicedDate of next Service


Plant 38

April 2020April 2021

Plant No 97A –




Plant 37

Sept 2019Oct 2020

Plant No 98 –




Plant 36

Sept 2018Oct 2020

Plant No 99 –




Plant 46

Sept 2018Oct 2020

Plant No 97D –




Plant 32

April 2020Oct 2021
Plant No 32A - SnowploughDrumkeeran


Plant 45

Sept 2018Oct 2020

Hire Tractor

Loading Shovel

Cornastaulk April 2021April 2022

Hire Tractor

Loading Shovel

Ballinamore July2021July 2022

Plant No 13

Landini Tractor

Loading Shovel

Drumkeeran04RN1876Dec 2019Dec 2020

Plant No 40

JCB Telehandler

Loading shovel

Faulties10LM3588Mar 2020Jan 2021

Note: Duty Engineers will advise when demountable gritters are to be mounted before weekends and holiday periods.

Trucks, spreaders and loaders must be cleaned after each use.   

Details of Depots

Map Ref.Salt DepotsRoutes ServicedIndoor or OutdoorMax CapacityMinimum stock levels at:
1st Oct15th Dec1st Mar

N4, R202, R280, R207, R208,





Indoor2000 Tonnes













Indoor300 Tonnes170Tonnes  









Indoor400 Tonnes130 Tonnes  
 DrumkeeranR280, R289, R287, R207, R200.Indoor400 Tonnes150 Tonnes  
 MohillLocal RoadsOutdoor50 Tonnes0 Tonnes  
  TOTALS 3150 Tonnes670 Tonnes  

Materials and Spares

The Area Engineers / Plant Manager will be responsible for re-ordering de-icing materials. The new procurement in operation by the TII will be used for procuring salt this winter. There are small quantities of fuel stored at each Depot for emergencies, but the majority of the fuel will be acquired at Retail outlets. Spare parts for winter service machinery are stored in the machinery yard. The Machinery Yard supervisor will be responsible for reordering stock.

Community Involvement

During severe weather conditions Leitrim County Council will make available grit at 43 locations throughout the county to enable people in the community to use it to treat local roads, hills etc that we are never going to be able to get to due to the demand on our resources. See Appendix A for map and a full list of the locations of the drop points (as per "Grit Allocations" web page or the last page on the Winter Maintenance Plan 2021 / 2022). This grit is available for any person to use. They will not be working for Leitrim County Council when spreading this grit.

Leitrim County Council have introduced a scheme where residents associations and business can purchase from the council a salt bin and salt for their housing estates or business premises. They will be charged a nominal fee. Depending on our resources at the time the bin will be refilled by us or salt made available to the residents at our depot, for a nominal fee, see our "Request for Salt Bin" page by clicking here.

Contact Details

Roads Department

Park Lane House,
Áras an Chontae
County Leitrim.
T: + 353 (0)71 9620005 F: + 353 (0)71 9621982

South Leitrim Area Office,
Leitrim County Council,
Park Lane House,
Carrick on Shannon,
Co. Leitrim.
Tel: 071 9620005 Extension No: 606 or 604

North Leitrim District Engineer’s Office,
Co. Leitrim.
Tel: 071 9855033

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