Road Safety

  • Silage Season

    Silage Season

    The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) are appealing to motorists to take extra care as the number of tractors, trailers and other farm machinery using the roads increases during the summer season.

  • Kid on Bike

    Keep a safe distance, slow down and check mirrors for cyclists

    As part of National Bike Week, which is taking place from May 14th to May 22nd, the RSA and An Garda Síochána are advising drivers on safety issues that are challenges for cyclists and reminding road users to be aware of cyclists and to share the road safely.

  • learner driver

    Rules for Learner and Novice Drivers

    The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Síochána are reminding learner and novice drivers that they are subject to more stringent driving rules and guidelines.

  • Seatbelt

    1 in 4 women admit wearing their seat belt incorrectly

    The research showed that the main reasons for putting the seat belt under the arm were to relieve neck irritation.

  • Car Seats

    Child Car Seat Safety

    A Code of Practice for child car seats has been launched to assist retailers and consumers. If a child’s car seat isn’t fitted correctly, it could lead to a serious or fatal injury in the event of a collision

  • Check it fits

    Check It Fits

    The Check it Fits service is quick, it’s easy, it’s free and aims to put parents and guardians' minds at ease that their child’s car seat is safely and securely fitted in the car.

  • Tyres-3

    Tyre Safety & Thread Depth

    As your vehicle’s safety and performance, especially in wet conditions, are significantly reduced as your tyres wear, it is vital that you know about tyre safety

  • Kid on Bike (helmet)

    Cycling Safety for Children

    Safety tips for parents and children, as cycling is becoming noticed for all of the health and environment benefits, make sure to stay safe

  • Speed Camera Sign

    Slow Down

    Check the Garda Speed Enforcement Zones and know your speed limits on our roads to keep us all safer

  • RS Stats 2020

    Road Safety Statistics 2020

    March, September and December are the most Dangerous months on Irish Roads in terms of both Fatalities and Serious Injuries

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