Customer Care

Leitrim County Council - Customer Charter

Leitrim County Council aims to successfully fulfil and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Whether your business is conducted in person, by telephone or by correspondence we will seek to ensure that you are treated:

-       Promptly and in a courteous manner
-       With due regard to privacy and confidentiality
-       By friendly and helpful staff

This Charter sets out the standards of service you may expect from Leitrim County Council. Leitrim County Council Customer Charter.pdf (size 402.5 KB)

Leitrim County Council - Customer Complaints

Leitrim County Council recognises that complaints may sometimes arise with regard to the manner in which you consider your query has been dealt with by a member of staff. In this regard, we have put in place a customer complaints procedure which aims to ensure that such complaints are dealt with in a consistent, fair and transparent manner. Customer complaints will be investigated by the Customer Services Liaison Officer (see below) who is responsible for the implementation of our Customer Complaints procedure.

Customer Complaints Procedure

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