Irish Water Appeals to Leitrim Businesses to Properly Dispose of Trade Effluent

Irish Water is appealing to businesses in Leitrim to correctly dispose of trade effluent and to be aware of the impact  that large volumes of trade effluent can have on public wastewater networks, plants and on the environment. 

Trade effluent is any liquid waste (other than domestic wastewater and storm water) that is discharged from a business premises to the public sewers. The improper disposal of large quantities of trade effluent puts significant pressure on Irish Water’s infrastructure leading to operational issues with wastewater networks and wastewater treatment plants. Large quantities of trade effluent that go untreated can ultimately make its way into the receiving waters and can have a major impact on the local environment. 

Speaking about the issue, Irish Water’s Wastewater Operations lead, Kevin Smith said: 

“Irish Water is committed to safeguarding the local environment and returning wastewater safely to the environment. In Leitrim there is varying capacity in our sewers and wastewater treatment plants. This means we must carefully assess and regulate all discharges to our sewer/wastewater network in order to ensure that public health, our operations and the environment are fully protected.

“During the spring and summer months, we have started to experience a significant strain on the wastewater infrastructure due to large volumes of trade effluent being disposed of incorrectly into our networks.

“This year Manorhamilton and Drumshambo Wastewater Treatment Plants were impacted by large volumes of trade effluent that required treatment, resulting in significant operational difficulties for our staff and the plants. We also had  similar issues across the country so it has proved both challenging and costly to avoid the plants having to discharge partially treated effluent into the environment. 

“We are asking everyone associated with the business industry, particularly in Manorhamilton and Drumshanbo, to be very conscious of the impact this can have on wastewater networks and treatment plants and would ask that they dispose of trade effluent and other products correctly. 

“Irish Water is investing in wastewater infrastructure right across the country. We are building new wastewater treatment plants, upgrading old plants and laying new sewers. However, it is still really important that both businesses and the wider public don’t discharge trade effluent improperly and are aware of the impact of what they dispose of, so the network can function efficiently and effectively and protect the environment.”

Irish Water is committed to keeping customers informed about their water and wastewater supplies across multiple platforms 24/7 and encourage customers to engage on Twitter at @IWCare and @IrishWater, on Facebook and LinkedIn, and through the customer care helpline which is open 24/7 on 1800 278 278 and by setting their location on the website:

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